Level 2 Products

Aerosol Layer Height


The TROPOMI Aerosol Layer Height product focuses on retrieval of vertically localized aerosol layers in the free troposphere, such as desert dust, biomass burning aerosol, or volcanic ash plumes. The height of such layers is retrieved for cloud-free conditions. Height information for aerosols in the free troposphere is particularly important for aviation safety. Scientific applications include radiative forcing studies, long-range transport modeling and studies of cloud formation processes. Aerosol height information also helps to interpret the UV Aerosol Index (UVAI) in terms of aerosol absorption as the index is strongly height-dependent. Retrieval of aerosol height is based on absorption by oxygen in the A band. The O2 A band is located in the near-infrared wavelength range between about 759 and 770 nm. It is a highly structured line absorption spectrum with strongest absorption lines occurring between 760 and 761 nm. The baseline fit window for the Aerosol Layer Height algorithm extends from 758 nm (continuum) to 762 nm. A fit of the reflectance is made using the Optimal Estimation framework.


The Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD) can be found by clicking here.


The Product User Manual (PUM) and Sample Data Files are being updated based on a new release of the processing software and will be available for download by mid-May 2017.

After launch, preliminary product results will be provided during the Commissioning Phase and the Operational Phase.