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Sulphur Dioxide


Sulphur dioxide (SO2) enters the Earth’s atmosphere through both natural and anthropogenic processes. It plays a role in chemistry on a local and global scale and its impact ranges from short term pollution to effects on climate. Only about 30% of the emitted SO2 comes from natural sources; the majority is of anthropogenic origin. SO2 emissions adversely affect human health and air quality. SO2 has an effect on climate through radiative forcing, via the formation of sulphate aerosols. Volcanic SO2 emissions may also pose a threat to aviation, along with volcanic ash. The S5P sensor TROPOMI samples the Earth’s surface with a revisit time of one day and with an unprecedented spatial resolution of 7x7 km. This allows the resolution of fine details and S5P will arguably be a valuable tool to better study anthropogenic SO2 emissions but also volcanic emissions, from degassing to eruptive processes. 

Data Summary Version Summary (click current version for latest ATBD)
Version number Version Effective Date Summary of Changes
1.0.0 6 months post-launch to next update Post Phase-E1 updates
0.11.04 launch to 6 months post-launch First product release



The Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD) can be found by clicking here and the Product User Manual (PUM) link is located on the right under Documentation. Sample data can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. 

After launch, preliminary product results will be provided during the Commissioning Phase E1 and the Operational Phase. Product README (PRF) files will be created during Phase E1 in preparation for the Operational Phase.